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Can Collagen Powder Actually Make Your Skin Younger?

There’s no doubt that your diet has a heavy hand in the appearance of your skin, including in how quickly and drastically your skin will age. For instance, a high-sugar diet is reliably linked to faster-aging skin (in case you needed any more motivation to step away from the sweets).

Yet, what about the opposite effect? Can we consume things that will reduce the appearance of aging and give our skin that fresh glow? Collagen powder is at the center of the debate, so here’s what we know about how it affects your skin.

The ABCs of CollagenIt helps to know a little background about why collagen powder is thought of as an anti-aging supplement. You probably already know that our skin is comprised mostly of collagen. The breaking down of that collagen (which, yikes, starts in our 20s) is what leads to aged skin. The logic here basically says if we consume collagen while our bodies are losing it, we can replace what’s being lost and obtain younger-looking skin. Now, here’s the murky side of this claim.

But Does it Work?In theory, yes — collagen powder (also known as hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptides) is highly digestible, so our bodies get straight to using it right away. The problem here is that we don’t have much more than theory to go on. Most studies are too small to be reliable. They are funded by the same companies who make a collagen powder product, making their veracity pretty dubious.

There is one shimmering study of hope, however. One double-blind placebo-controlled study (aka, extremely vigorous standards) yielded results that support collagen consumption as a means for increasing skin elasticity and collagen density. Yet, most dermatologists are still doubtful about how effective it is.

The VerdictThe reality is there are currently no documented downsides to supplementing your diet with collagen powder besides the sometimes hefty price tag. While there are very few documented upsides, the possibility that we could be helping our skin keep its youthful elasticity and glow is http://www.chinareplicawatches.com/ enough of a motivator for us.

If you’re up for upping your collagen levels, try our favorite, Meiji Amino Collagen powder, hailing from Japan. Collagen powders are a staple in Japanese beauty routines. You can put a teaspoon into your coffee, tea, or smoothie. Looking for a vegan option? Mary Ruth’s Vegan Collagen Boosting Gummies leave behind the powder and deliver results in yummy gummies!



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