Omega 3 Gummies w/EPA + DHA – Orange Flavor – Gelatin-Free

Clinical trials of omega-3 fatty acid or vitamin D supplements have followed a long and winding road in search of benefits in cardiovascular (CV) disease, with wildly mixed results


A daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids did not reduce the risk of cardiac events, including secondary heart attack, stroke, bypass surgery or death, among elderly people who had survived a recent heart attack, according to late-breaking research presented today at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2020. The manuscript of this study is simultaneously published today in Circulation, journal of the American Heart Association.

Some studies have found that a high intake of fish-oil-derived omega-3 fatty acids is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular events. However, some recent studies have shown the therapy to have no effect on overall cardiovascular health. The OMEMI Trial (OMega-3 fatty acids in Elderly patients with Myocardial Infarction) was conducted in Norway and investigated whether adding 1.8 grams of omega-3 fatty acids to standard treatment after a heart attack in elderly patients prevented new cardiac events.

“This study focused on a particularly vulnerable patient group, in this case elderly patients with recent cardiovascular disease and a high load of risk factors, where the effects of preventive measures are usually the most prominent,” said Are A. Kalstad, M.D., a principal investigator of the study, and a researcher at the Center for Clinical Research at Oslo University Hospital in Oslo, Norway. “The fact that no indication of any impact from the omega-3 fatty acids were found in this group, along with the results of other recent neutral trials, suggests that omega-3 supplements are ineffective for cardiovascular prevention




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